When planning to take part in a half marathon, there are plenty of things to be considered, like getting trained, buying a pair of shoes, racing apparels, and many more. However, often people overlook the most important part – their diet, which lays the foundation stone of their performance. Here in this article you will come to know about some of the common mistakes people make and why expert advice is important. Read on.

First mistake – gorging carbs just before the night of the race

One of the biggest slip-ups that most half marathon participants make is fueling themselves with loads of carbohydrates the night before the event. Dear reader, are you in the same list? Running for near about 21.1 Kilometers take around 2 hours for an average runner. So, fueling up on just carbohydrates the previous night may not be sufficient to provide you with the energy you need for lasting till the end. So, most dieticians recommend to start gorging carbohydrates at least 2 to 3 days before the main event. This helps your body to digest, absorb, as well as, store energy. This stored energy will help you on the event day.

Second mistake – having heavy dinner

Apart from the one mentioned above, another common blunder people make is considering their dinners to be the biggest meal before the race as their half marathon training plan. However, this should not be done in any case. In fact, experts suggest filling yourself during the lunch and having something light for dinner. Loading your tummy during lunch gives time to your body to process the food for extracting the required nutrients. Most importantly, eating a heavy meal can create an array of troubles for you the next morning. What if you find that your stomach in upset on the day of the race, or your stomach is aching? So, always go for the expert advice.


Eat light breakfast on the day of the event

Now comes the breakfast on the date of the event. It should be something light like your dinner. Experts recommend eating stuff like cereals’, toasts and bagel. All such food items are effective sources of energy (slow-releasing) that will keep you energetic till the race ends. One of the most important things that you should not forget that, you should not try to eat something new on the day of the race. It is highly advisable to stick to your half marathon training regimen. The main reason behind this is you don’t have an idea that how you will feel after eating something new. You might become ill.

Mid-race fueling

In order to keep your energy level high, it is highly recommended to eat something light during running. After starting your run, you might feel fatigued after an hour or so, as your glucose level goes down by that time. However, mid race fueling will help you keep steady till the end by maintaining your blood glucose level. So, every runner should make it a thumb rule when running and keep their stamina high all throughout the race.